Who is Fresh Focus?

My name is Mike and I am a passionate photographer and web developer based in Tampa, FL. I have been shooting professionally for 4 years and developing websites for over 12 years. I graduated in 2008 from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Arts. Canisius College is where I was first introduced to photography, web development, graphic design and videography. After college I decided to pursue web development professionally while still having a passion for photography as a hobby.

Fast forward to 2016/2017 where my passion for photography was lit again. I decided to invest in my first DSLR camera and teach myself how to be a professional photographer. I am self-taught and still consider myself a “student of photography” because I am always trying to improve my craft. Since then I have completely fallen in love with creating beautiful photos and meeting great people along the way. One of the best feelings is showing people a different side of themselves and making them feel confident and happy. In 2018 I upgraded my camera again, invested in more equipment, and there has been no looking back.
I love photography!

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